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BOOK overview

Discover how to transform your finances and build wealth with this powerful guide!

Are you ready to take charge of your finances and learn to make the most of your money? Are you searching for practical, proven, and rewarding strategies to get a handle on debt, get good with money, and build your ideal financial future? Do you desire to build wealth, invest, and increase your net worth? Then this is the book for you.

Combining practical, relatable advice with a hands-on workbook designed to help you redefine the way you look at money, this brilliant guide offers you a profound blueprint for money management and financial freedom. Whether you need help breaking harmful cycles with your money or you’re just ready to level up your financial literacy, #7-Figure Net Worth will arm you with the essential advice you need to create a vibrant financial future.

What readers say

“This is NOT your average boring book on finances. 7FNW is the book you need but you don’t even know it. It was so insightful and compelling I read it all in one sitting." - April C.

“If you aim to be more money savvy, then this is a must-read” – Kensley Dougan

“This is THE book to help create wealth for Black America! I literally felt like I was in my living room having a tough love/heart to heart conversation with my sis about my financial future. Like girl, what’s in your portfolio?!” -Amazon Customer

“The author offers a level of honesty and transparency around the challenges of building wealth that is truly relatable and resonates – especially with African-Americans... ” - Deronn K.

“This is what should be taught in schools. We don't all have access to a Rich Dad, but we do have access to books. This will be one that impacts many generations. Read it. Apply the principles. Share it with anyone that you truly want to have a better life.” -La Tonya R.

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